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February 19 2016

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But what if they just happened to cast Andrew Garfield as the boyfriend in Deadpool 2, and someone in the movie is like, “hey, you look just like Peter Par-” but Deadpool tackles them before they can finish and then just looks directly at the camera and is like, “this is my boyfriend, Pete Parkley, and he is definitely not Spiderman because that would be a serious breach of licensing rights.” and then he just grabs Pete and tows him away by the suspicious red spandex collar poking out over the top of his T-shirt

Someone get this to Ryan Reynolds stat

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When one gif in the set won’t load

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Just a little reminder of what’s to come this year. ;D

Happy New Year!

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February 18 2016

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Nissan has invented self ‘parking’ chairs. [video]

February 12 2016

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u came to the wrong neighbourhood m8

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funny illustrations by Shanghai Tango

February 10 2016

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I turned my frustration with myself into art.

I feel like this is really important for people to see. I’ve been saying depression and mess go hand-in-hand for years, but so many people feel like they’re alone in it. You’re not.

I always get criticised for this - more people need to recognise this as a symptom of depression

February 09 2016

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But wait:

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The Daily Show, February 8, 2016

Are you saying that you can’t talk about race issues to Middle America? Are they so delicate and unaware and maybe so white that Beyoncé is too much for them?

You know what’s right in the middle of America? Ferguson, Missouri.

- Jessica Williams 

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February 07 2016

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Peter Joseph on structural violence, from this video.


Spot on. Like Coretta Scott King said, I must remind you that starving a child is violence. Neglecting school children is violence. Punishing a mother and her family is violence. Discrimination against a working man is violence. Ghetto housing is violence. Ignoring medical need is violence. Contempt for poverty is violence.

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Oh… no no no

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Johnny Depp receives his Disney Legend Award at the D23 Expo [x]

I can’t handle this

February 02 2016


when your shift is over but the customer keeps talking

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